Rachel Platten Lost Her First Record Deal

Rachel Platten Lost Her First Record Deal

“Fight Song” catapulted Rachel Platten into music superstardom, but she’ll be the first to tell you it wasn’t easy getting there. The singer tried to catch her big break for almost 10 years before finally getting an offer from a record label.

In fact, her first deal fell through completely, after her debut single failed to rise on the charts. “There’s the strength that you develop from your lowest, hardest moments and you need that,” she says. “The single that I had out, which was this little indie single, was kind of falling on the chart rather than rising. About a week later, my manager came over to my apartment and he told me that the offer was off the table, that they took it away, and it completely shattered my world. It broke my heart.”

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“I had a lot of moments of ‘I should probably give up.'” Rachel says. “Someone told me to go build my own fire and stop trying to warm myself at other people’s fires. And the way that I would do that is through songwriting. That was when I dove in. I wrote about a thousand songs over the next four years. And I truly learned the craft and how to write a pop song,” she says.

“Someone told me to go build my own fire and stop trying to warm myself at other people’s fires.”

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“Songwriting is the way that I say, ‘No I am actually going to be successful even if you don’t believe in me because no one can deny a good song.” In the video above, she tells the story of how she handled rejection and just kept going.

Rachel’s album Waves is available now. You can buy it here.

Senior Video Producer: Jason Ikeler

Video edited by: Gigi Pena

Videographer: Josh Archer

Video Graphics by: Jené Adams



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